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Old Friend

My old friend
I want you to know
That everytime I think of you
I”m young again
Old Friend

Cross to Bear

The world, it does besiege us, 
There is pain everywhere we go.
And the world crashes down around us 
Its just the way things are.
Friends will come, and friends will go, 
Everyone has a trial, everyone has a cross to bear.

Get me through the night

You get home,
Its a quarter past four, 
You get home but you need a little more.
And you say to yourself “how am I gonna cope?”
…….I need a little hope.

A lot of little mores gonna make things right.
A lot of little mores gonna keep you tight.
A lot of little mores gonna get you through the night.

Message in a Bottle

Sometimes you get a message in a bottle.
Sometimes a blessing from above.
Sometimes you find it on your doorstep,
Sometimes its hidden away, 
Like love.

You may find it in a moment
Count your blessings if you do.
Or you may search for a lifetime, 
Its what is meant for you.

Open the bottle,
Dare to see, 
Let the message in the bottle
Set you free. 

Hold on tight to your fading dream

Hold on tight to your fading dream
Don’t let go of those little scenes.
Close your eyes, 
 Hold them to the light
Hold on tight
To your fading dream.
It is a fleeting moment, 
I mean the time we have.
A flash, a glimpse, 
And away it goes.

The Sweetest Thing

There was a time,
Not so long ago.
When everything came easy to me.
All I had to do was ask.

But just as Mr. Dylan says,
The times they do change.
People come and people go.

There is one thing, though.
That never changed.
And that I think you know, is
“The Sweetest Thing”.

The River

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